Web Design Careers with Us

There is some careers you can pursue and become a member of one of our teams. Lamp Media is a fast growing company, and you can join in today. Our members are the most valuable part of our business, and talented professionals are always welcomed. Products that we create are reaching billions, and we are working at our best to maintain that.

Project Manager / Producer

This is a professional that is helping in the day-to-day project running. This kind of job implies: planning schedules for projects, a briefing from clients, updating all parties on progress, and problem recognition and resolving. Key skills are organizational skills, scheduling, time management, client management, communication, and performing good under pressure. The big experience is not key in performing well at this job.

Creative Director

People in this business are the ones with leadership and confidence. They care about details, and they manage to get things done. Creative thinking not just about ideas and how to make them happen, but creative approach to problems to find the best solution is their strong suit. They work closely with clients, developers, designers and project managers.


compAll the work that is done come to light when a designer is done with his work. This professional needs to have a deep knowledge not only in programs regarding specific design, but also to understand multimedia, animation, and programming. This individual has a task to present all that is done in the best light and give it a shape, a color, motion. A flavor.

Creative Developer

This professional is creative, has passion and ingenuity. It is someone that can program projects that are expensive and in his work he needs to demonstrate all of the digital potentials. This person works closely with designers and developers, and he needs excellent knowledge of implementing techniques and technologies that are just emerging.

Web Designer

This is a person that is technically ready and on the other hand creative. This job requires both of these skills because web designer is someone who will not only make a functional website that will be easy to use, but also, it needs to be a site that is appealing. The professional in this niche is tasked with designing web pages. In the aesthetic part, that means choosing the right layout, colors, font, images, and disposition to create the best suiting personality that will not only be a part of the website but also of the company it presents. But, it is not all in beauty. Usability and functionality is a priority. Consumers need to relate to that specific page, to understand how it works, what is offered to them and how can they benefit from that website. These professionals are holding the entire message and future of a specific website, and they need to know in which direction to go to create a specifically tailored page for a specific business and target audience.