Working with the community

Apart from being one of the best web design companies, and having a rich experience in this business, we are working hard to give back to the web community. Our team members are visiting lecturers at numerous seminars and workshops, both within various faculties, as well as at workshops organized by various non-governmental organizations and communities.


We held free web design courses for young people who wanted to improve their knowledge and start their career in this business. Through a series of workshops and lectures, we brought them closer to what it means to work on a project alone and within the team of people with different professions. We presented them with the most common problems that such professionals face, we introduced them to the diverse work that many of these companies (and we) have behind us, and we have shown them a way to communicate with their clients to achieve successful cooperation. Our company has organized internships for participants. For those who wanted to do their job independent of any company, we got closer to the work of the freelancing.

We organized numerous web design competitions for both students and professionals in this field. We provided scholarships, internships, as well as career counseling for students. The best among them presented their work at conferences and had the opportunity to share their experiences with other members of their community.


cantWe gave numerous financial and technical awards for various participants in the seminars, competitions, and conferences we were part of. We are always trying to share our knowledge, experience, and passion with everyone interested in this niche. It is very important for us to help future professionals, as well as to remain open to all the innovative ideas that come. We do not want just to keep up with new technologies. We want to be pioneers in this field – in ideas, in work, in innovation, in technology. Our work is very important for us, and everyone who has similar interests is welcome.

Lamp Media is always ready to hear new ideas from students, enthusiasts, and professionals in this field. We are open to discussing various topics. We are interested in providing our knowledge to the communities as well as learning from them.


Our goal is to work closely with the communities. We want to create a personal relationship that can aspire future professionals. In that spirit, we periodically organize discussion meetings where we talk about trends that are in relation to design and coding. Our guests are other companies, lectures, students, and professionals. We work together to create a better and more functional professional world where new work will aspire.
Because we have a vast knowledge and experience, and our teams are constantly growing, and because web design and development is one of the fastest growing businesses, we are here not only to do our jobs. We are here to push the limits, to find new ways, to aspire, and to give back.